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"Sam brings expertise in understanding human behaviour and how we relate with each other, Guy brings his specialism and experience of elite sport and performance.
Together we work with companies and organisations to help them understand the complexity of Team cohesion, Culture, Values and Leadership."

Team Cohesion:
Are your teams cohesive and efficient? Have team members formed strong bonds, trust each other and remain united towards common goals? We know that team cohesion is important in every workplace and leads to increased motivation, improved employee satisfaction and great business success.


S&G believe that culture is made up of the values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of the individual members and as a whole team. A teams culture is not just how they work together towards a common goal but also how they treat each other.

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Are you a Leader of teams? Has your leadership approach been learnt or organically developed over time? We know that leadership requires flexibility and adaptability and must motivate and inspire the team members individually and collectively.


Does your team have a set of team values? How were your team values established? We know that a team who creates and develops their own values has a greater focus on upholding them. How does the team ensure that the values are integrated and active? We know that many teams have a set of values, but many teams do not uphold or integrate them.

What challenges can we address?

  • Toxic Team Atmospheres

  • Poor team communication and relationships

  • Team creation and forming

  • Teams working under high pressure

  • Leadership of Teams

  • Development of team culture

  • Enhance the implementation of team values

How do we do this? 

We take the time to listen, to ensure our content is the solution to the problem your team faces.

We offer unique and bespoke packages for each client that we work with. We are able to deliver interactive workshops, engaging seminars, facilitated group discussions, scenario-based role plays, informative presentations and team building activities.

Why are we different?

We are different due to the experience and expertise we individually have, that combined offer a unique perspective and service that will develop your team and business performance.


Guy’s vast experience in high-pressure sporting environments bring insight into;

  • Making split-second decisions

  • Balancing Individual performance whilst considering what is best for the team

  • Ability to perform at the highest level on a regular basis 


Sam’s experience, training and understanding of Psychology enables him to explore and explain psychological processing and reasons why people react and respond in certain situations and environments.

Who are our clients?

  • S&G work with businesses and organisations that want to create effective and high performing teams.

  • S&G know that teams are unique which means we approach each project with the team or the leaders of teams with respect but also curiosity. We want to know how you perform and interact together and discover how we can enhance your performance and elevate your business success.

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