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What do our clients say about us?

We are always delighted to receive comments regarding our training sessions. Please read these testimonials from recent sessions we have delivered. 

Retail Active Ltd 

Rachael Simmonds - Managing Director

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The session was well structured to take the team on a positive journey over the course of the afternoon to achieve the key objectives that we set for Sam and Guy to deliver on.

The engagement of the team exceeded expectations as did the positive comments from them post training.  I attribute this to the atmosphere that Sam and Guy created very quickly and, in particular, Sam’s understanding of individuals (maybe a few tricks he picked up from his background in psychology!).  They didn’t come across as wanting to impress or having all of the answers and created a very open feeling of calm, trust and genuine interest in each individual.

The ‘circus’ exercise made individuals stop and think hard about how they perceived their role within the organisation.  Those who shared their views on this had interesting observations about their own roles and why they saw themselves within these key characters in the circus.

It was great to meet Sam ahead of the day and I feel that he captured all of my objectives effectively to produce interesting, relevant and engaging training. 

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S.A Brains & Co. Ltd

Testimonial to follow...

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