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Why is routine important? - Written by Guy


The day begins, you open your eyes and it will not be long until the dread of the busy day ahead comes flooding in. For some, the thought of getting into bed at the end of the day, is the only part of the day in front of them they are actually looking forward too. 

With no need for an alarm in these ‘work from home’ times, it can be too easy to slip into bad habits, you start slacking off, taking it 'easy' and not being as efficient as you could be. You start acting differently, from snacking and missing main meals, to napping in the middle of the day and generally being lethargic. 


When you notice yourself doing these things, it’s time to make a change, take a stance and create a routine, not just for your job and work tasks, but for your mental health too. Routine,,,,,first, set an alarm, that nuisance thing that no one wants.... Well they work, have a set time to get up for the day. 

Set clear objectives that you have to complete, lying in bed will not help you achieve them. Make time for exercise, whether this be a weights circuit, a walk or run. Getting out of the house and breathing in fresh air will help both your mental and physical health. Make time for meals, eating sensible, balanced main meals will help with the inevitable crash after sugary snacks and drinks, helping you be more efficient with your day. 

Finally, make sure you know when to stop, being able to switch off at the end of the day is just as important as how you start it. Please remember that rest and recuperation are vital in these challenging times. 


Different people have different work / life balances. My Top Tip would be... every night, create a list of objectives that you want to achieve the next day.... and stick to it. Finally, make time for work, family and exercise. You can make it work. See my daily routine below;


My routine:


07:00 - Alarm set

07:10 - Walk the dog, Breakfast (porridge) and coffee

08:00 - Exercise (conditioning)

09:00 - Shower and change for the Day

09:45- - Work Shift or University study

12:30 - Lunch 

13:30 -  Work Shift or University study

16:00 - Exercise (weights)

17:00 - Walk the Dog

18:30 - Shower and Evening meal, rest and relax  

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